For Sellers

Daily Deal Program: How it Works
1. We Make a Deal
  Our team works with you to create an amazing deal that is 50 - 90% off.
  Monday through Thursday deals run 24 hours.
  Deals on Friday run all weekend.
2. We Market your Business
  We promote your deal through email, and social media.
  Customers purchase the deal and share the deal with friends.
3. Deal is Complete
  As customers purchase the deal, a deal voucher is send via email.
  After the deal closes, our system and support team will send checks to you.
4. Revenue Split
  • 0-200 sales is 50%
  • 201-500 sales is 60%
  • 501+ sales is 70%
5. Payment
  • 50% in 1 week
  • 50% in 30 days
6. Example of a Daily Deal
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